Free Money

YOU can collect FREE money for BRE YEAR-ROUND!!!!


What is “Free Money”?? 

Free Money is the term we use to describe money that comes to the PTO through very little effort on your part, such as using a dedicated King Soopers or Safeway card, Target card, or collecting items you are all ready purchasing and dropping them off at the school.


King Soopers & Safeway Neighborhood Reward Program:

We made over $19,000 last year with this program! 

Here are more details on how to get and use your card…

Purchase a gift card for $10 from the PTO. This card will have $10 on it for you to spend.  Go to King Soopers or Safeway and add money to this gift card using ANY form of payment. You can do this right at the register! Just be sure to have money added on a separate transaction BEFORE your groceries are rung up.  Remember to use your Loyalty card so that you continue to earn points for fuel discounts, etc.  DO NOT THROW THIS CARD AWAY. You can re-load up to $500 per transaction and use it to pay for groceries, gas, prescriptions and even Gift Cards (at Safeway) to other merchants (like Starbucks, Home Depot, etc..).  We will earn 5% of EVERY DOLLAR you load onto THIS CARD!  Our cards have writing on them to remind you not to throw it away and to keep reloading it. The cards that you purchase FROM the PTO are the only cards we earn money on.  If your card has been unused for 90days, it will no longer be connected to BRE and they will not allow you to reload the card.  You will need to buy another card from us.


Target’s Take Charge of Education Credit Card Program:

Last year we made $1,100 with only a few families participating!

If you have a Target Red Card, go to the web link below and sign up to participate by selecting BRE as your school of choice.   The web site is:


The Orchard Shopping Center “Shopping 4 Students”:

We are participating again this year! Last year we earned $600 for the school just by taking in receipts to the customer service kiosk located by the kids play area and having them record them!

The Orchard’s Shopping 4 Students program runs from August 15th through May 8th.  Save your receipts from any merchant in the Orchard Shopping Center, including restaurants and the AMC theatre (but excluding perimeter stores like Target & Red Robin).  Bring those receipts to the Guest Services stand to have them logged or place them in the Free Money Cart by the front door of the school and we will get them recorded for you.  Any receipts can be returned to you if you wish they just need to log the sales to benefit our school.


Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and Tyson Project A+:

We made $1200 last year to purchase new playground & gym equipment!

Keep collecting your Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education and packaging from Tyson’s Project A+.  If you have any questions about things that are included, please feel free to contact Kelly Doornbos at    Turn your labels in to the collection bin near the front office of the school.  Thank you all for taking the time to collect these and turn them into money for our school!

The Boxtops for Education labels that you see on many supermarket items bring $.10 each to the school.  We have donated this money in years past to Mrs. O’Donnell who uses it to replace playgound equipment, such as balls and jump ropes.

Labels for Education are often found on Campbell’s soups, Pepperidge Farms products, V8, Pop Secret and Bic pens…but keep your eye out!  These labels are being added to more products all of the time.   These labels collect points that we bank to purchase larger items.

Tyson A+ labels are found on some Tyson Chicken products.  These are worth $.24 to our school.

And our newest items, Longmont Dairy’s Milk Caps for MOOLA!  Collect any of the caps from your Longmont Dairy items and they are worth $.05 each!  We are collecting these in a separate bin in the school’s foyer.

Not sure how to collect these items?  Usually, the item to clip has a dotted line around it.  We need any expiration dates to show, or UPC in the case of a Label for Education.  When in doubt, send it all in!  We will do the clipping for you.  Longmont Dairy caps are easy…just drop them in!  Collect these items through the year and drop them in the bins next to the office.  Every little bit helps!

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