Thank you Black Rock for Giving Back


Thank you for bring your kiddos out last night to sing carols and have some hot coco and cookies! 

With a chilly night of 21 degrees – we had a record number of participants – 565 students.

   Our Black Rock Community collected a record 6,941 pounds of food for the Erie Food Bank!


Thank you for all the food donations!  The Erie Food Bank is very appreciative of all the goodies that were unloaded there last night.

Thank you to all our Volunteers – setting up, unloading cars, weighing food, loading the truck, putting everything away!

Thank you to Ratay Homes Sales with ReMax Alliance for the use of your truck last night!  (Arranged by the Campbell Family)

Thank you to Mrs Harvey – for practicing the songs in your class with all the students and for leading our awesome students in their festive singing last night.  They were incredible!


A Big Thank you to Vista Ridge Neighbor David Alvarado, who no longer has kids at the school but continues to provide lighting and electrical for the event!  Thank him if you know him!

Thank you to the Town of Erie for providing additional lighting and a generator!

Thank you to all our wonderful parents that sent in all those delicious cookies and hot coco!  They were so good and the hot chocolate really hit the spot last night!

Thank you to all our wonderful teachers for serving cookies and hot coco!


Thank you to all the teachers that helped Mrs Harvey prep the kids for singing and for keeping them all together!

Thank you to King Soopers for donating the paper bags for all the donations!

Thank you to the Black Rock Staff who assisted last night!

To the Black Rock Community – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts your generosity and kind spirit was a wonderful beginning to this holiday season!



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